oh also we were waiting around after and there were a bunch of people there and these guys came up to us and we were talking and they were like are you waiting for one direction

ijustwannapretend asked: did they play the full american secrets?! cuz that's my favorite song of theirs of all time and i'm dying to see it live when i go in october


concert highlights:

  • philadelphia live
  • will’s salmon colored jacket
  • stephen gave me a setlist cause someone beside me was shouting at him with some random name i dunno and he was like thats not my name so i started screaming his name and i saw fear in his eyes but got a setlist so!!!

→Parachute | Yahoo Screen Live


Yahoo! Will be live streaming the Parachute concert tomorrow night at 6:05 PT! Be sure to tune in then!


I’m not sure what possessed me to go through this album (x) but I am so so happy I did.

skyscraperxoxx asked: To the anonymous person before me, if you get there early (I got there 6 and a half hours earlier) you will most likely see them carrying stuff into the venue. I saw Will walk by at least four times. Unfortunately, I was too scared to ask for a picture. But trust me next time I will.

welp if ya can get there 6.5 hours early that seems like its definitely the way to go. thanks!

Anonymous asked: Hey! So Parachute is my friends favorite band & I don't know a whole lot about them but I got her tickets to a show this month!:) I didn't find out that you could get separate VIP tickets to meet them until after I ordered just the regular ones. :( do they ever do meet & greets before or after shows even for people without VIP tix? I would love if she got to meet them. I hope this question made since. haha thanks!

for the record, VIP tickets don’t come with a normal ticket. if they’re not sold out where you’re headed and you want to spend the money, you can just get them as an add-on (do this through Parachute’s website, not ticketmaster).

otherwise, they often (not always though) come out eventually after the shows. if you wait around long enough by the bus, they’re usually happy to stop and chat. good luck, i’m sure she’ll have a great time!!!!

ok hold on though how come nobody is talking about how hella fine this band is looking right now????



so on saturday when i asked Kit what happened to Alex he was all mysterious and just said “he’s not with us right now” but last night i asked Will and he said that Alex has a back injury and family things going on so that’s why he’s not on this tour and his doctor told him that touring would be bad for his back and Will was saying that on previous tours it really wore Alex out :(

hopefully he gets better soon! the band isn’t the same without him.

so after Will told me this he said “SPREAD THE WORD!” so that’s what this post is about


wills new haircut looks like him in the can’t help video and im laughing

wills new haircut looks like him in the can’t help video and im laughing

Anonymous asked: omg wait what's going on? i'm scared

well i’m sure you know that nate left the band over the summer, and now alex is just like, not going on tour with them? he hasn’t been on any of the festival shows nor was on the first m2b tour show last night, but the band hasn’t said ANYTHING about it. there are two new guys playing guitar and bass.

gingersducksandbubbles asked: Do you know of anyone going to the Charlottesville concert on the 10th? I'm going but it's my first ever concert and I wanna go with a friend, but most (if not all) of my friends won't be able to make it and I'm really nervous.

yo parachute fans (is flight crew a thing still?) help a girl out

edit: resa-rose said: Honestly don’t worry if you can’t find someone to go with. I’ve been to like 6 of their shows and I’ve found (especially so when they headline) the fans are all pretty awesome and I’ve made friends with people at the shows! Don’t worry just have fun!

edit: samilovescp said: yo i would love to go!