Anonymous asked: omg wait what's going on? i'm scared

well i’m sure you know that nate left the band over the summer, and now alex is just like, not going on tour with them? he hasn’t been on any of the festival shows nor was on the first m2b tour show last night, but the band hasn’t said ANYTHING about it. there are two new guys playing guitar and bass.

gingersducksandbubbles asked: Do you know of anyone going to the Charlottesville concert on the 10th? I'm going but it's my first ever concert and I wanna go with a friend, but most (if not all) of my friends won't be able to make it and I'm really nervous.

yo parachute fans (is flight crew a thing still?) help a girl out

edit: resa-rose said: Honestly don’t worry if you can’t find someone to go with. I’ve been to like 6 of their shows and I’ve found (especially so when they headline) the fans are all pretty awesome and I’ve made friends with people at the shows! Don’t worry just have fun!

edit: samilovescp said: yo i would love to go!


Day one at @fmmfestival with @parachute #parachute #fmmf #columbus #photography #music (at Nationwide Arena)

Anonymous asked: Does the $35 VIP package have a limit number of people per show? Cuz I know the $100 one has a 10 person limit for most shows, but I'm not sure about the $35 one.

umm from my understanding there isn’t. if the website says they’re sold out, e-mail them to check, i think they’ll still sell you one. that’s what they were doing before anyway

sparksfly1825 asked: Is there a limit to how many times you can vote in the Meant To Be Tour song survey?

i assumed there was, which is why i wasn’t sure that the link was going to work, but it sorta seems like not?

if thats the case everyone should vote for square one 100 times because what if they added it to set list you guys

sinkorswimn asked: why can't you go to the M2B tour?

well normally i live in the boston area so it’s really easy for me to go to those shows. i’m back at school now though which makes it really tough because it’s in the middle of nowhere PA. right now theres a chance i can go to the philly show but it would be a bit of a drive and i’m not sure if i have a buddy yet so it just depends

Anonymous asked: What survey??

see if that works


to the people running parachute instagram accounts: thank you, thank you, for bringing the band to life on another platform.

but for heaven’s sake STOP INSTAGRAMMING MY EDITS


in case you needed this in your life.

hat tip to momentswithmisty

will in an early morning conversation

meant to be tour more like meant to be sad because i cant go